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Nutrex introduces its stimulant energy pre-workout Outlift Concentrate

Outlift Concentrate

Nutrex has officially unveiled its latest Outlift entry into the world of pre-workouts, with Outlift Concentrate. As we previously suspected when the name of the product was confirmed, Concentrate is a more stimulant based pre-workout competitor that doesn’t use any heavy performance ingredients like the original Outlift or Outlift Amped.

Nutrex officially promotes its new Outlift Concentrate as an extreme stimulant energy supplement. It promises to boost energy, amplify and extend muscle pumps, increase mental focus and motivation, and enhance glycogen uptake for improved performance.

Outlift Concentrate

Outlift Concentrate vs Outlift

The idea behind Outlift Concentrate appears to be a pre-workout for fans who prefer energy more than anything else. The original Outlift sits at the other end of the scale with a lighter dose of energy alongside a number of other great benefits, and then you have Outlift Amped which is sort of in between Outlift and Outlift Concentrate.

Concentrated 6g formula

Staying true to its name, Nutrex’s Outlift Concentrate features a very concentrated formula with a serving size of just over 6g. Regarding ingredients, for energy, the product includes 200mg of caffeine, 400mg of Kaff2 Citrate supplying another 200mg of caffeine for a total of 400mg, and 2mg of rauwolscine.

Outlift Concentrate

Taking care of the mental focus side of things in Outlift Concentrate is 750mg of n-acetyl l-tyrosine and a heavy 1.5g dose of choline bitartrate. Lastly, Nutrex has included NO3-T nitrates for enhanced muscle pumps with half a gram of sodium nitrate and 300mg of betaine nitrate.

Available now in 3 flavors

Along with officially unveiling its new Outlift Concentrate, today Nutrex has also made the supplement available for purchase. The first place fans can get their hands on the stimulant powered pre-workout is, where a full 30 serving tub will cost you $39.95. It comes in a total of three different flavors with Sour Shox, Blackberry Lemonade, and Miami Vice.