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Magnum confirms Pre4 as the title of its upcoming pre-workout


The full title of Magnum Nutraceuticals upcoming and greatly hyped pre-workout has been confirmed, and it’s not continuing on any previous Magnum supplements. The new pre-workout is called Pre4, which has two meanings behind it, the first being that it’s like the word “before”, as in you take it before your workout.

The second reason behind the name of Magnum’s upcoming Pre4 is a little more informative. The number in the title is also said to relate to the various ways the product will enhance your workout. The first is that it delivers strong energy, second is intense mental focus, thirdly it elevates your mood, and fourth it creates huge pumps.

As far as we know, Magnum still plans on officially launching its pre-workout Pre4 sometime next month. The brand is putting a lot of hype behind this one, so it’ll certainly be interesting to see it all when it’s completely unveiled.