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Muscle Sport’s Protella Lean Whey an impressive attempt

Protella Lean Whey

As promised Muscle Sport has launched its Nutella inspired protein powder Protella Lean Whey, here in early September. The product is actually on display for the first time at this year’s Olympia Expo, where we have managed to give it a try.

Muscle Sport has definitely come pretty close with this one, as Protella does manage to achieve a light, but still Nutella like combination of flavors. To get the best experience you’ll need to mix it with less water than usual, as it allows you to take in a full hit of flavor much better.

The chocolate side of Protella Lean Whey does certainly shine through the strongest, with just a hint of hazelnut. As mentioned Muscle Sport has done a good job at getting it recognizable as an attempt at Nutella, which is very impressive for a protein powder.

While Muscle Sport does have its new Protella Lean Whey on display at the Olympia, that’s not the only place you can get it. The brand has also now made the Nutella inspired flavor available for purchase through its website at in both 2 and 5lb tub sizes.