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REPP introduces its more intense, DMHA pre-workout Broken Arrow

REPP Sports Broken Arrow

After unveiling four all-new supplements that are said to be coming soon, we thought we probably wouldn’t be hearing from REPP Sports for quite some time. It turns out we were wrong, as the brand actually has one more product up its sleeve, which might be its most interesting one yet.

Today REPP Sports has dropped another preview of another upcoming supplement, introducing the pre-workout Broken Arrow. While the brand does already have a competitor in the pre-workout category with Reactr, Broken Arrow is apparently going to be a more intense experience.

Much like Reactr, REPP Sports Broken Arrow promises to increase energy, improve focus, and deliver explosive muscle pumps. Unfortunately, at this time we don’t have the facts panel for the pre-workout, which is of course where Broken Arrow is going to differ mostly from Reactr.

One thing the brand has told us is that the new product does feature DMHA, the powerful stimulant behind a lot of today’s top rated pre-workouts. With that in mind, it sounds like Broken Arrow is going to be a solid supplement, as Reactr was already quite intense and this will apparently take things one step further.

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