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Tim Muriello taking on the coffee market with Spazmatic Coffee

Spazmatic Coffee

Over the past couple of months we’ve seen two well-known companies take on the coffee market with Colombian Supremo from Chaos and Pain and Pachamama from Ambrosia. The man behind the powerful Spazmatic pre-workout, Tim Muriello, has now announced that he is also about to unleash his coffee competitor.

Confirmed as coming very soon from Tim Muriello is Spazmatic Coffee, a high caffeine, smooth, gourmet blend of Guatemalan and Brazilian beans from Fair Trade sources. The product will be packaged with a similar design to the pre-workout, featuring Spazmatic’s signature swirl patterns brightly colored red, yellow, and gray.

According to Tim Muriello, the new item is due to release very shortly, with his own store expected to be one of the first places to stock it. It’ll be available in the one pre-ground 12oz bag and looks like it’s going to cost fans $17.99.

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