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Tim Muriello dropping DMHA for eria jarensis in Spazmatic


Tim Muriello has announced that as he said would eventually happen; his very effective pre-workout supplement Spazmatic is being reformulated. The powerful stimulant DMHA is due to be dropped from the product, but replaced by something just as good.

Muriello has a number of reasons as to why he’s making the change including that the ingredient is expected to be banned down under in Australia this October. He also feels the feature he is replacing it with, 175mg of n-phenethyl dimethylamine citrate, commonly called eria jarensis, hits you quicker and brings with it the same benefits and more.

We’re not exactly sure when the new version of Tim Muriello’s Spazmatic is going to be replacing the original, but it does sound like it’ll be happening soon. The pre-workout’s new flavor confirmed back in July is also said to be very near release, the deliciously named Strawberry Frozen Fruit Bar Spazmatic.