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Spazmatic Review: Good energy, powerful focus, and intense pump

spazmatic review

Spazmatic is the first supplement released from Tim Mureillo, who has long be known for providing great fitness, nutrition, and supplement advice. The pre-workout product broke out onto the market late last month, and for the past few weeks, we’ve been running the DMHA powered formula for today’s review.

Spazmatic ingredients

If you haven’t seen the ingredients list for Tim Muriello’s Spazmatic, it is well worth a look. The strategy behind the combination is strong, effective features and doses, with no space wasted on things that you don’t need. Some of the ingredient highlights from the supplement include 2g of taurine, 4.5g of regular l-citrulline, and 100mg of the powerful stimulant DMHA.

spazmatic review

Energy and focus to start

Like a lot of pre-workouts that use DMHA, Spazmatic throws you a solid kick 10 or so minutes after taking it, which sets the tone of the whole experience and workout. That initial hit gets you amped for whatever you have planned for the session, with a combination of intense energy and zoned in type focus.

The energy and focus effects Spazmatic hits you with in the beginning, remain pretty consistent throughout your workout, not getting any stronger or weaker. If your training goes beyond the hour mark, the energy does tend to fade a little, although the focus will stay. If however, you train under 60 minutes your entire workout will be a full on Spazmatic experience.

Healthy dose of pump

On top of the impressive energy and slightly better focus, Tim Muriello’s pre-workout does also have a healthy dose of pump. It will take a bit longer for the muscle filling effect to get going compared to the energy and focus, as for us we started feeling it one or two exercises into a workout, depending of course on the muscle group and type of sets.

Once the Spazmatic pump gets going, it turns the mostly stimulating pre-workout into a more complete experience. The effect is a nice combination of dense and full, making for a painfully enjoyable pump as well as a major muscle expanding one when pushed.

spazmatic review

Solid pre-workout competitor

Overall Tim Muriello’s Spazmatic is a solid pre-workout competitor and a great first solo outing for the industry veteran. We didn’t find it helped too much with performance and endurance, although seeing as you only really notice that when attempting to go beyond your limits and exhaust yourself, we don’t imagine too many people will miss that kind of effect.

Spazmatic’s energy is right up there with some of the best on the market, with enough to knock out a good workout and not too much to make you feel overstimulated. The focus is also right up there with the best, getting your head in the right place and helping you focus on your training, with the pump only complimenting those two effects and adding another dimension to the whole experience.

If you’re a fan of pre-workouts like MAN Sports Game Day and/or Inspired’s spin-off DVST8 Crimson, Spazmatic would be worth trying. While it does have a different set of ingredients from either of those, the result is still quite similar.

spazmatic review

How to take Spazmatic

The last little thing we have to touch on is dosing, as we did find you can play around with it. Our review is based on a rounded scoop, which is a pinch more than one serving. We did test out slightly less than a level scoop as well as a heaping, however the effects didn’t change too much.

We found that just under level (9g) and rounded (11.5g) Spazmatic scoops were about the same with energy, focus, and pump. When bumped up to a heaping scoop the only benefit seemed to be a more intense kick at the beginning that calmed after a few minutes anyway, with the focus and pumps feeling identical.

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