SteelFit enters the testosterone boosting category with Steel Hard

Sep 14th, 2017
Steel Hard

Earlier in the year, SteelFit said it would be adding a bunch of new supplements to its lineup this year, with more mainstream, non-topical formulas. The first one we saw was the stimulant free fat burner Steel Core, with the brand’s second new product coming this month called Steel Hard.

The latest from SteelFit is a testosterone boosting supplement, formulated with clinical doses of researched and patented ingredients. It promises to help build lean body mass, reduce cortisol, improve strength, as well as increase libido and vitality.

Steel Hard

The new Steel Hard brings together a combination of eight main features, including highlights such as 600mg of Testofen fenugreek, 300mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha, and 200mg of LJ100 tongkat ali. The rest of features in the product are 1000IU of vitamin D, ZMA, 100mg of panax ginseng, boron, and 600mcg of chromium.

SteelFit’s latest supplement release is already out and available through its website at Steel Hard is priced a little higher than most testosterone boosting competitors at $89.95 for a full-size 90 capsule bottle, which is intended to last you the usual 30 days.