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Muscletech puts a lot of mental focus into SX-7 Revolution Non-Stim

SX-7 Revolution Non-Stim

The expansion of Muscletech’s SX-7 Revolution Series continues this week with the supplement the brand said it would eventually have before it even started expanding the line. The new SX-7 Revolution product in the spotlight this time around is called Non-Stim Weight Loss, a stimulant free fat burning formula.

Focus and weight loss

Unlike a lot of stimulant free weight loss supplements, Muscletech’s latest isn’t just the original SX-7 Revolution fat burner without stimulants. The brand has brought together a slightly different set of ingredients for improved mental focus and of course, help with burning fat.

Stimulant free formula

The combination of ingredients in Muscletech’s SX-7 Revolution Non-Stim is quite a long one, with only two features being from the stimulant SX-7 Revolution weight loss competitor. Taking care of the neurosensory experience in the product is 75mg of theanine, 50mg each of lion’s mane and rhodiola, 62.5mg of Sensoril ashwagandha, 20mg of dill extract, and 15mg each of passion flower and artichoke.

SX-7 Revolution Non-Stim

Being a Muscletech SX-7 Revolution supplement, Non-Stim does utilize the brand’s pill in a pill technology. It allows each capsule to hold both liquid and dry active ingredients. Those mentioned above, as well as 200mg of green coffee bean, are the dry ingredients, with the liquid features being half a gram of carnitine and 30mg of choline citrate.

Hitting GNC soon

The new Muscletech fat burning competitor is due to be available soon, with as always, the major retailer GNC expected to be the first place to get it. It’ll be hitting shelves in the one 90 capsule bottle size, which is enough to get you a total of 30 servings.