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VPX Sports hints at a possible series of new Bang flavors

VPX Bang

Over the past month, since VPX Sports introduced its four new flavors of Bang, we’ve seen teasers for at least two more Bangs. This week the brand has dropped another teaser for yet another flavor of the BCAA and creatine infused energy drink.

Much like the previous two Bang teasers, VPX hasn’t included any clues as to what kind of flavor its third teaser is about. The one thing we do believe however is that this one is related to the one we got a preview of late last month that has a red tint to its can.

The reason we’re saying they could be related is because the new flavor in today’s teaser has a different colored Bang logo but also has a red tint to it. That at least suggests to us, that the two will have something in common whether it be a consistent taste, flavor series, or a similar inspiration.