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Flashback formula White Flood Classic almost 50% cheaper at Amazon

White Flood Classic

Yesterday we posted about Controlled Labs’ new pre-workout White Flood Classic, which is actually a re-release of its original White Flood formula from back in 2007. In that post we said that the supplement only appeared to be available through the brand’s website at the relatively high price of $58 per tub.

It now looks like Controlled Labs’ returning White Flood Classic is available somewhere else, and at a much better price than $58. The major online store Amazon is the one that’s shown up with the decade old pre-workout at a cost that is almost half of what Controlled Labs has it for.

Fans of the brand looking to take a trip back in time can now get 25 servings of White Flood Classic from Amazon for just $29.99. That is saving of over 48% compared to Controlled Labs’ website, and Amazon has all three of the pre-workout’s flavors available in Electric Lemonade, Juicy Watermelon, and Raspberry Lemonade.