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Controlled Labs’ decade old pre-workout returns as White Flood Classic

White Flood Classic

Well before last year’s release of the 2016 Formula of the pre-workout White Flood, as well as before its predecessor White Flood Reborn, there was the first White Flood way back in 2007. Now after ten years, Controlled Labs has brought back its original calling it White Flood Classic and branding it with an old school look.

Same pre-workout effects

The returning White Flood Classic does still actually promise the same mix of effects as it did a decade a go. The product promotes itself as a fast acting pre-workout for energy, strength, stamina, endurance, extreme pumps, and recovery. Surprisingly the combination of ingredients in the supplement is almost identical to the original with just a couple of things different.

Almost identical formula

The formula behind White Flood Classic is broken up into three blends with the first two being for muscle pumps and endurance. Those two blends feature 2.2g of arginine, 800mg or ornithine, 1.7g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, and 700mg of tyrosine.

White Flood Classic

Making up the rest of Controlled Labs White Flood Classic is the third and final blend built for energy and weighing in at 3.684g per serving. Included in that is inosine, GABA, glucuronolactone, caffeine dosed at 250mg, theobromine, evodiamine, norvaline, octacosanol, coQ10, alpha carotene, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, lutein, and huperzine A.

Available direct for $57

Currently, the only place that appears to have White Flood Classic available is Controlled Labs’ own website at The price on the product is relatively expensive at $57.49 for 25 servings, working out to $2.30 a workout. As for its menu, the classic pre-workout has three flavors with Electric Lemonade, Juicy Watermelon, and Raspberry Lemonade.