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New brand Wrkethic Supps coming soon from Cass Martin

Wrkethic Supps

This past weekend at the Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, there were a number of all-new brands exhibiting as well as companies we’d never seen before. One of those new names was Wrkethic Supps who has yet to launch its line, but quickly got our attention for one main reason.

Wrkethic Supps is, in fact, an entirely new brand from ex-Redcon1 athlete Cassandra Martin, more commonly known as Cass Martin. The hard working fitness celebrity now appears to be trying her hand at the supplement industry.

As mentioned Wrkethic is not yet available, however after meeting the brand at this past Olympia Expo, we do know a bit about it. When Cass Martin’s family of products does eventually release, it’ll have at least one supplement with a high-intensity pre-workout called Hard Work.

The only other detail we have is from the official website of Wrkethic Supps, and that is roughly when the Cass Martin product line will be available. According to the brand, it is due to release sometime this summer, which we have to imagine means very soon as the season is quickly coming to a close.