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Scivation’s Xtend Elite a new and improved Xtend Perform

Xtend Elite

Yesterday we got a complete look at the latest expansion in Scivation’s Xtend family with Xtend Ripped. A day later we have another entry into the brand’s Xtend line to share details on called Xtend Elite, however, it doesn’t appear to be an entirely new supplement.

Xtend Perform and more

Scivation’s Xtend Elite actually looks to be an upgraded version of Xtend Perform, which is Xtend combined with the performance enhancing PeakO2 blend. Elite packs everything that’s in Perform, with an increase in one feature and two more performance boosting ingredients added in on top.

Xtend Elite

Added CarnoSyn and Sensoril

The complete combination in Xtend Elite includes Xtend’s signature 7g of BCAAs, as well as 2.5g of glutamine, an electrolyte blend, and PeakO2 dosed at 2g per serving. Where things get a little bit different in Elite is with triple the citrulline malate at 3g, and the additions of 1.6g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine and 125mg of Sensoril ashwagandha.

New size and flavors

Much like with its difference in formula, Scivation’s Xtend Elite also has some differences compared to Xtend Perform with size and flavors. When Elite eventually hits shelves, it’ll be available in a 30 serving tub, unlike Perform which has 44, with two flavors to choose from in Island Punch Fusion and Sour Gummy.