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Insane Labz previews its Asylum Cabinet Series 2 weeks from release

Asylum Cabinet Series

Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of Insane Labz, you can’t deny the brand has been bringing it lately with releases. It’s almost been non-stop with new supplement after new supplement, and in another two week’s time, that is going to continue being the case.

For those that might have forgotten, Halloween is when Insane Labz plans on unleashing its vintage branded, Asylum Cabinet Series, which it has released a preview of previously. That preview gave us a look at Muscle Candy, a strength and size formula that makes up half of the upcoming line.

To keep the excitement going as we get closer to Halloween, Insane Labz has dropped another Asylum Cabinet Series image showing off both of its products. The image gives us our first look at Diet Candy, a thermogenic supplement that by the sounds of things is designed to get you going the other way compared to Muscle Candy and help you lose weight.

As mentioned earlier, Insane Labz Asylum Cabinet products Diet Candy and Muscle Candy, are due to release on Halloween. With today being October 18th that launch date is now less than two weeks away, right on the last day of the month.