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Insane Labz confirms its Asylum Cabinet Series for Halloween

Insane Labz Muscle Candy

Despite Insane Labz already having a lot of new supplements on its list of upcoming releases which includes the likes of Quantum Growth Project and Trick Or Treat Psychotic. The well-known brand has added another two to that list, with both items being a little bit different from its others as they’re a part of a new Asylum Cabinet series.

The two Insane Labz products are coming with a new, very different, throwback style look that’s far from the brand’s typical black and red. As for what the supplements are, you have the fat burning formula Diet Candy and the strength and size formula Muscle Candy, which is apparently going to feature never before seen ingredient.

For now, all we have for both Diet and Muscle Candy are their names and the categories they’re going to compete in. As for when we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Asylum Cabinet products, Insane Labz is saying they’ll be out for Halloween, so around the same time as its Trick Or Treat Psychotic.