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Cookie Dough Carb Killa Review: Thicker, cookie dough-like flavor

Cookie Dough Carb Killa

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is the most recent flavor release for our favorite protein bar, Grenade’s delicious Carb Killa. It arrived back in early August and is now available in all the major areas including the UK, Europe, and of course the US.

We finally managed to get our hands on a few of Grenade’s Cookie Dough Carb Killa to find out how it stacks up to the rest of the bar’s massive menu. Much to our surprise, it isn’t your typical Carb Killa, as the brand appears to have done a few things different this time around to reach those cookie dough fans.

Cookie Dough Carb Killa

Thicker, cookie-like flavor

The thing you’ll notice the first time you bite into the Cookie Dough Carb Killa, mostly if you’re a Carb Killa fan, is that it feels like a much thicker, doughier protein bar compared to some of Grenade’s other flavors. The still smooth and edible center seems to take up a lot more of the bar, which lightens the overall sweetness and flavor although also plays into the whole Cookie Dough name.

To go with the thicker feeling body of the Cookie Dough Carb Killa, you get a good amount of sweet, chunky chocolate chips as well. The use of the word “chunky” is very important there, as the bar isn’t exactly overloaded with chocolate chips, but the fact that they’re large makes that chocolate chip part of its name truly felt.

Cookie Dough Carb Killa

Carb Killa widens its variety

While we wouldn’t say the latest flavor for Carb Killa’s incredibly strong lineup is one of our favorites, it is a great addition. The main reason behind that is that it strengthens the protein bar’s menu, as it doesn’t have any other flavors like it.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Carb Killa is a somewhat unique addition to the family, and ideal for cookie dough lovers. Also if you’re already a fan of the protein bar and have been waiting for a thicker, cookie dough like experience, you might want to give this one a try.