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Tim Muriello packs Gro Pronto with a heavy 8g of BCAAs

Gro Pronto

Tim Muriello’s first new supplement since he initially entered the market earlier in the year with his powerful pre-workout Spazmatic, is almost here. The product is Muerillo’s amino competitor Gro Pronto, which was first shown off just over one month ago.

More than most aminos

To get everyone ready for the upcoming release of Gro Pronto, all of its details are now available. As previously confirmed, Tim Muriello’s Gro Pronto is a BCAA powered supplement built for recovery, which also features EAAs, electrolytes for hydration, and a couple of ingredients to help with digestion.

EAAs, digestion and hydration

Each of Gro Pronto’s relatively heavy 16g servings packs a solid of amount of BCAAs, dosed at 8g with 5g of that being leucine. On top of that is a 1.16g blend of EAAs, 2.5g of the amino glutamine, electrolytes, and a one gram digestion blend of bromelain and PreticX xylooligosaccharide.

Gro Pronto

Now taking pre-orders

To go with today’s release of Gro Pronto’s information, Tim Muriello is now taking pre-orders for the product at The price on it is quite high for an amino at $42.99, although do keep in mind, it does have a good amount of BCAAs as well as extras like EAAs, digestion, and glutamine.

At the moment there is only the one flavor to choose from for Gro Pronto with Strawberry Frozen Fruit Bar, which was just added to Spazmatic. According to Tim Muriello, the supplement should be arriving within the next week, so if you do pre-order, you won’t be waiting too long for it to ship.