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Silverback looks to GoFundMe for its new Guardian Platinum Pre-Workout

Guardian Platinum Pre-Workout

Silverback Nutraceuticals’ pre-workout, Guardian Black Mass Attack, is easily one of the best pre-workouts we’ve tried this year. It features a powerful combination of effects including, energy, focus, and pump, and still has a place on our list of top ten pre-workouts.

Silverback has now announced that it is working on what sounds like an even better version of the supplement called Guardian Platinum Pre-Workout. It is currently saying it’s on track to release the product just fine; however, there is a way it could get the Guardian Black Mass Attack follow-up launched a little earlier.

Basically, Silverback has put together a GoFundMe page where it’s looking to raise $3,000 to help get Guardian Platinum Pre-Workout to market slightly quicker. At the moment it’s donation rewards are $5 and you’ll get samples of Guardian Platinum Pre-Workout, and donate $45 and you’ll get a full tub.

If you’d like to help out Silverback, just head on over to its GoFundMe page. If not, as mentioned the brand is saying it’s on track to release the supplement regardless, with the any GoFundMe success only speeding up that launch process.