Hyde Power Potion will be available in five different flavors

Hyde Power Potion

Last month ProSupps made a pretty major announcement, confirming that it would be entering the energy drink market before the year is out. The product the brand introduced was its upcoming RTD spin-off, Hyde Power Potion, a zero sugar supplement powered by citrulline, CoQ10, BCAAs, 350mg of caffeine, and the energy extender TeaCrine.

To keep the momentum going for ProSupps exciting Hyde Power Potion, this week the product’s full menu of flavors has been revealed. Previously we only knew of one taste for the energy drink with Island Punch, which is just one of its five flavors, with the others being Cherry Cola, Purple Mist, Pineapple Cooler, and Winter Blast.

As far as we know ProSupps is still planning on launching Hyde Power Potion sometime this winter. That should mean we’ll be seeing it somewhere in December, although the brand itself has yet to confirm anything outside of the season.