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Hyde Power Potion will feature a lot more than just caffeine

Hyde Power Potion

Yesterday ProSupps unveiled what is looking like its most exciting supplement release of the year, with the energy drink Hyde Power Potion. Just one day later we have a lot more information on the product, including a better look at what it features ingredient wise.

Previously all we knew about ProSupps’ new Hyde Power Potion was that it has zero calories and packs a heavy 350mg of caffeine per can. We can now confirm that alongside that solid dose of caffeine will be unknown amounts of the pump ingredient citrulline, CoQ10, recovery enhancing BCAAs, and the energy extender TeaCrine.

While we don’t know any of the doses for the, now revealed Hyde Power Potion ingredients, the combination certainly sounds interesting. It is quite an advanced energy drink, although it does have a bit of a similarity to the well known VPX bang with its BCAAs and CoQ10. That said, Power Potion does then separate itself from its competitors with the proven ingredients citrulline and TeaCrine, usually found in pre-workouts.

On top of the formula details for ProSupps’ rather exciting Hyde Power Potion, today we can also confirm roughly when the energy drink is due to release. According to the brand, it is expected to be available sometime this winter, so anywhere between late December and early March.