Purus Labs’ KetoFeed combines whey isolate with MCTs

Oct 5th, 2017

Last week we got a preview of an entirely new supplement coming soon from Purus Labs, called KetoFeed. We’ve now got everything you need to know about that very product, 100% confirming its name, formula, flavors, macros, as well as its availability.

First of all, Purus Labs’ new KetoFeed is designed for those people living a low carbohydrate lifestyle, hence the ketogenic inspired name KetoFeed. It features a high protein formula powered by fast absorbing whey protein isolate mixed with short chain fats in MCTs.


Each serving of KetoFeed provides 20g of protein, half as much fat with 10g (5g saturated), just a gram of carbohydrates, all for a total of 170 calories. The supplement can be combined together with water for a traditional shake, thrown in a blender, or stirred into your coffee as a healthy creamer.

Purus Labs has put together a total of two delicious sounding tastes for its ketogenic KetoFeed in Salted Vanilla Caramel and Samoa Chocolate Creme. Both of those are now available directly through the brand’s website with 15 servings per tub and a price tag of $34.99 each.