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‘Merica Labz beta testing some sort of ‘Merica energy drink

Merica Energy

Only just yesterday it was confirmed that ‘Merica Labz is working on a weight loss supplement currently being called Uncle Bam. Today we have news of something else the brand is working on that is equally, if not even more exciting.

This week ‘Merica Labz revealed it is taste-testing a carbonated RTD version of its incredibly powerful pre-workout Red, White & Boom. We’re not sure on any of its major details just yet, such as does it feature the same formula as the powder Red, White & Boom, or is it intended to be more of a lighter, energy drink spin-off.

Regardless of what any of the product’s finer details turn out to be, the testing confirms the brand is working on some sort of ‘Merica energy drink. Being that it is only at the testing stage, we probably won’t be seeing a release anytime soon, although the news is still worth getting excited about.