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Method Performance focuses on supplements for all walks of life

Method Performance

Method Performance is an all-new company entering the supplement industry this month with a well put together and well-packaged lineup. The brand believes its selection of products is great for people of all walks of life and says it uses only properly dosed ingredients in its formulas.

Currently, there are three supplements to the Method Performance family, and they are, Defrag, Mainframe, and HardWire. The products are all quite interesting and are far from your typical first set of supplements from a brand, which usually includes a pre-workout, amino, and protein.

Defrag is Method Performance’s nighttime sleep product, packing commonly used, but well-dosed ingredients such as a gram of GABA, 3mg of melatonin, and 300mg of ashwagandha. You then have the mental focus enhancing formula Mainframe containing the likes of alpha-GPC, lion’s mane, and bacopa, and lastly, the amino infused energy supplement HardWire featuring 2g of BCAAs, choline bitartrate, a heavy dose of Tasteless TeaCrine, and Infinergy dicaffeine malate.

Method Performance

You can get a closer look at all of the Method Performance products on the new brand’s website at Its supplements are all available for pre-order through there and currently come with a free swag kit of a sticker, shaker, wristband, and keychain. Shipping is expected to commence not too long from now on Friday the 1st of December.

It is worth mentioning that Method Performance also has a great line of apparel, which will be in stock and available sooner than the supplements on November 10th. If you do decide to give the all-new brand a go, it is promoting the coupon code “SAVE10” that’ll get you 10% discount on everything, dropping the likes of its energy enhancer Hardwire down to $32.40.