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Myprotein drops an Oreo style protein snack with half a gram of sugar

Myprotein Protein Biscuit

The massive Myprotein family has just got another new supplement added to it that might make you want to order a little faster than usual. The name of the product is Protein Biscuit, which doesn’t sound too exciting; however, once you hear its description you’ll likely think otherwise.

The new Myprotein release is a protein-infused chocolate cookie sandwich, or what essentially looks like a protein Oreo. The brand has simply taken two chocolate cookies and sandwiched them together with a protein-packed cream in the middle.

Nutritionally, they’re not as impressive as the likes of a protein bar, although that does suggest they’ll taste pretty good and work as a sweet treat. Each somewhat small 30g Myprotein Protein Biscuit provides a light 6.7g each of protein and fat, 5.3g of carbohydrates with only half a gram of sugar, and a total of 125 calories.

Like with a lot of Myprotein’s new releases, its Protein Biscuit has been launched through its international website, with no word on whether it’ll be hitting the US. Through the price on the product is £8.99 ($11.81 USD) for a box of 10 cookies, making it less than £1 a piece.

It is also worth mentioning that currently, Myprotein has a coupon available that’ll save you a rather large 30%. That coupon is “EVERYTHING”, which discounts the new Protein Biscuit down to just £6.29 ($8.26 USD) per box.

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