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Powder version of Cellucor’s NO3 Chrome coming soon

NO3 Chrome Powder

Currently if you’re a Cellucor fan looking to enhance muscle pumps during your workout, there are two ways you can go. There is the regular NO3 Chrome available in capsule form and the more intense, flavored formula NO3 Ultimate, which we found out first hand is a serious pump pre-workout.

Sometime soon Cellucor fans are going to have a third pump option available that’s kind of in the middle of NO3 Chrome and NO3 Ultimate. The upcoming product is NO3 Chrome Powder, that from what we know will have the same formula as the more straightforward NO3 Chrome, just in powder form.

Also much like the original capsule NO3 Chrome, you will be able to mix the NO3 Chrome Powder with anything as it is coming in an Unflavored 30 serving tub.