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NootropiMax Review: Insane focus in and out of the gym

NootropiMax Review

Nootropic or focus enhancing supplements have definitely improved a lot over the past couple of years. The category seems to have increased in popularity, fortunately in turn, encouraging more brands to take part in it and get more creative with their formulas.

Earlier this year Performax Labs introduced its focus-enhancing competitor NootropiMax, which like a lot of its products packs a well put together formula. Lately, we’ve been putting that supplement to the test both in and out of the gym, and not too surprisingly the brand has yet another top performer on its hands.

Smooth, uplifting energy

Going into our hands-on review of NootropiMax, we were mostly prepared to try the product at a single capsule serving. The main reason behind that was because it has 130mg of caffeine per capsule, and even though some of that is from slower release dicaffeine malate, we’ve never usually felt great at over 200mg of caffeine from a single hit, outside of the gym.

NootropiMax Review

With all of that said, we found that a two-capsule serving is just fine, perfect in fact, as the energy in NootropiMax is never overstimulating. After throwing the serving back, you get a smooth, uplifting level of energy that also puts you in a much happier and lighthearted mood.

Mind clearing ability

As good as the energy and mood enhancement is in NootropiMax, the improved mental focus from the supplement is even better. Performax Labs has managed to give the product an insane, mind clearing ability which allows you to think quicker, concentrate better, and keep yourself focused for longer.

Works in and out of the gym

As mentioned earlier, we did also test out NootropMax in the gym. It’s not something we typically do with focus supplements, but since it worked so well outside, we gave it a go and were not disappointed. The mind clearing power of the product pairs perfectly with an intense workout, keeping you confident and focused from start to finish.

NootropiMax Review

While we didn’t quite feel more than two capsules was useful when you’re not working out, you may want to bump up to three for the gym, especially if you prefer more than 300mg of caffeine. The extra capsule gives you that required, higher level of energy for a solid workout, although we didn’t feel it really brought much more on the already impressive focus front.

Solid multi-use supplement

Overall Performax Labs’ NootropiMax is a solid nootropic supplement and well worth a try. It delivers on its wide variety of energy and focus promises, and does so in and out of the gym, something we very rarely see. Each bottle also squeezes in quite a few servings with 60 capsules, which is enough for 30 servings of our preferred to two-capsule dose, or 20 of the stronger three capsule maximum.