Pennywise pre-workout featuring a light 1.4g blend led by creatine

Pennywise Pre-Workout

Insane Labz latest pre-workout supplement is here, with the trendily named competitor officially titled Pennywise. While a lot of the ingredients in this one are in some of the brand’s other pre-workouts, it does have something those others don’t.

The main point of difference with Insane Labz new Pennywise pre-workout is that it has carbohydrates in it. Outside of that, as mentioned a lot of the ingredients might seem quite familiar to fans of the brand, with the overall goals of the product said to be better energy and focus.

Light non-transparent blend

The combination of ingredients behind Pennywise is certainly something fans of transparent and full dosed pre-workouts aren’t going to appreciate. Outside of the supplement’s 10g of carbohydrates, which is all from dextrose, there is a proprietary blend featuring a number of stimulants.

The reason the Pennywise proprietary blend isn’t good for full dose fans is that it only weighs in at 1.4g per serving. The first and heaviest ingredient in it is also creatine monohydrate, something typically dosed at 3 to 5g, so you know right away you’re not getting anywhere near that with the blend total at 1.4g.

Pennywise Pre-Workout

The other ingredients in Pennywise should provide quite the hit as a lot of them are stimulants. On top of creatine Insane Labz has thrown in caffeine anhydrous, caffeine citrate, Infinergy dicaffeine malate, AMPiberry, Russian tarragon, theacrine, rauwolfia, and huperzine A.

PreCre from Muscle Elements

Looking at the formula of the Pennywise pre-workout we can’t help but suggest giving Muscle Elements PreCre a try or at least a look. It is a true powerhouse performance product that also has carbohydrates in the mix, and 10g of other ingredients or 20g if you use the maximum serving, as opposed to a 1.4g blend. If you’re after a little extra kick, Muscle Elements also does PreCre XS, a similar kind of pre-workout with a harder hit of stimulants.

Introductory 25% discount

You can now grab Insane Labz new Pennywise directly from its website for $59.95 per tub, although as per usual it does have an introductory sale available. For a limited time you can save 25% with the coupon “Pennywise25”, dropping it to $45, which is the same price as Muscle Element’s much heavier dosed PreCre.