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EVL Giveaway: Get ready for winter with Stacked Protein Gainer

Stacked Protein Gainer

This week we’ve teamed up with EVL for those looking to get some help gaining this coming winter season. The brand has given us three tubs of its calorie packed mass gainer spin-off Stacked Protein Gainer.

The three tubs are all EVL’s regular size of Stacked Protein Gainer, weighing in at 7lb each and packing 14 servings. Each of those servings provides a solid mix of macros with 50g of protein, 160g of carbohydrates, 6g of fat, all for a total of 880 calories.

To get yourself in the draw for one of three tubs of Stacked Protein Gainer we have up for grabs, complete one or more of the tasks listed in the contest box below. As per usual the more tasks you complete, the higher your chance of winning, with the giveaway expiring one week from now at midnight Friday the 27th.

EVL Stacked Protein Gainer