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Jason Huh launches his vegan-friendly protein Veg-Pro

Steel Veg-Pro

Jason Huh’s Steel Supplements has launched a new protein powder separate from its current whey powered proteins Whey-Pro and ISO-Pro. The new product is Veg-Pro, which separates itself from those other two by being a vegan-friendly source of protein.

Vegan friendly protein

The new Steel Supplements’ protein features a GMO, gluten, dairy, and soy free formula, that’s powered by brown rice protein and pea protein isolate. It does also have a few extras thrown in such as d-ribose, maltodextrin, beet root extract, and all natural flavors.

Steel Veg-Pro

More flavors coming

Each serving of Veg-Pro weighs in at 30g and provides 20g of protein, 2g of carbohydrates with half of that sugar and half fiber, a gram of fat, for a total of 110 calories. At the moment the vegan protein comes in just Chocolate and Vanilla; however, a Strawberry Cheesecake and Snickerdoodle are also said to be on the way.

25 servings for $30

Steel Supplements has launched Veg-Pro today through its website at $29.99 for a relatively small 750g tub. That tub is enough to supply you with 25 servings, although keep in mind that is 25 servings of 20g of protein, not the more common 25g of protein you get in other products.