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Swole O’Clock introduces black and rich gold VIP watches

Swole O Clock VIP

Earlier in the year, Swole O’Clock introduced its higher quality and slightly more expensive timepiece, with the Silver VIP. The watch sets itself apart from the rest of the brand’s lineup by featuring a handful of VIP features such as 200-meter water resistance, a Swiss Movement system, double warranty, and an all over stainless steel design.

One thing we mentioned when the new VIP Swole O’Clock was first unveiled, was that it gave the bodybuilding watch brand plenty of room to expand. By that, we meant it would be very easy for Swole O’Clock to add other metal colors to its VIP collection with the likes of Bronze, Copper, and Gold.

This week things have gone exactly as we suspected, with Swole O’Clock’s VIP family growing to a total of three designs. Now joining the original Silver VIP are two more stainless steel watches with the stylish black design Khan and the rich gold Caesar.

Swole O Clock VIP

Both of Swole O’Clocks new VIP Collection watches are now available for pre-order directly through its website. The price on Khan is a little more than the original Silver VIP at $385 instead of $350, although if you get in soon, you can save $70.

As for Swole O’Clock’s gold-themed Caesar VIP watch, that one is significantly more expensive than the Silver and Khan VIPs at $585, or $429 if you pre-order during its intro sale. The Khan VIP is currently expected to ship on the 30th of November with no date provided for the Caesar.

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