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Swole O’Clock unveils its stylish stainless steel Silver VIP timepiece

Swole O Clock VIP

The bodybuilding watch brand Swole O’Clock has been putting out a lot of hype over the past few days for its next big release. The brand has now officially unveiled its all-new effort, and it does appear to be worth all the excitement.

Two years in the making

The new product from Swole O’Clock that’s apparently been two years in the making, is the Swole O’Clock Silver VIP, a part of the new VIP Collection. There is a long list of features that separate it from all of the brand’s other designs, most of which are quite obvious just by looking at it.

Swole O Clock VIP

VIP features

The Silver VIP comes built with a solid, double link stainless steel band, and a stainless steel body that’s the same size as the original Swole O’Clocks at 50mm. It also includes an anti-reflective sapphire crystal face, a Swiss Movement system, 200 meters water resistance, and a two-year warranty as opposed to the brand’s usual one year.

Some of Swole O’Clock’s more cosmetic highlights on the Silver VIP are raised numbers and marks around the bezel, a butterfly clip worked into the stainless steel band, and VIP engraving on the main body. The watch is colored silver all over, hence the name Silver VIP, which does suggest we may be seeing other variations for the VIP Collection down the road such as a Bronze, Copper, or Gold VIP.

Swole O Clock VIP

Pre-order and save $100

You can now pre-order Swole O’Clock’s strongest timepiece ever, although as you’d expect it does come at a pretty high price. According to the brand’s website, the new Silver VIP has a regular price of $350, more than twice any of the original Swole O’Clocks at $169 each. Fortunately, there is a pre-order sale on where you can save $100, dropping the product to $249, with shipping happening a few months from now on October 5th.

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