Insane Labz surprise Trick Or Treat flavor of Psychotic is here

Oct 5th, 2017
Trick Or Treat Psychotic

Insane Labz has gone and released the flavor or technically flavors, it promised a couple of months ago called Trick Or Treat. The new option is for one of the brand’s many pre-workout competitors, the energy and focus formula Pyschotic.

The catch with Insane Labz Trick Or Treat Psychotic is that it is true to its name, it is a trick or a treat. The way that works is that when you buy the product, the powder inside is one of two flavors, either Pineapple or Mixed Fruit. There is no way of knowing which one you get until you open it up and try it.

To get your hands on Insane Labz rather unique Trick Or Treat Psychotic, it is now in stock and available for purchase at The price on it right now is $54.95 for a full 35 serving tub. It is also worth mentioning that the flavor is limited edition, so it’s not going to be around forever.