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More cost-effective Adrenal Switch packing twice as many servings

Adrenal Switch

The Australian company Switch Nutrition recently released a new flavor for its very effective nighttime relaxation supplement Adrenal Switch. That new addition to the product’s menu was Chocolate, inspired by the idea of having a nice hot chocolate drink before you go to bed.

Due to the success of the supplement, Switch has now introduced another new option for Adrenal Switch, although this time it’s not a flavor. Announced this week by the brand is a significantly bigger tub size of Adrenal Switch, with twice as many servings at 60.

The much larger Adrenal Switch is already available through the Australian retailer Rock Hard Supplements. Its price is 10% more cost-effective than the original 30 serving and comes in three different flavors with Blackcurrant Apple, Strawberry Pineapple, and Lemonade.