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AminoX soda flavors featuring an extra 150mg of caffeine

AminoX Soda Series

All the important information has now surfaced on the new, mysterious AminoX supplement we got a preview of last week. It turns out the alternatively branded BSN product is essentially a caffeinated version of the regular AminoX that comes in a series of soda flavors.

Previously we could only confirm one of the new AminoX soda options with Cola, which is just one of the supplement’s three flavors. The other two soda themed recipes are Cherry Cola and Dr. Amino, which much like Perfect’s recently revealed Dr. Perfect, sounds like it’s inspired by the well-known soft drink, Dr. Pepper.

As mentioned when it comes to the formula behind the soda AminoX, it is much the same as the regular version of the product. It features a 10g blend of aminos including BCAAs, alanine, taurine, and citrulline, and a 2g Efforsorb Endura blend. It’s one main difference is that it also has extra caffeine in the mix to help increase energy at a dose of 150mg per serving.

The one last detail we have to share about the yet to be released AminoX soda flavors is that they do have fewer servings. Unlike the original AminoX that comes in 30 and 70 serving tubs, the soda version has a total of only 20.