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There is now a better way to get Dedicated Nutrition in Europe

Dedicated Nutrition

If you currently live in the UK and Europe and ever wanted to get a hold of any of Dedicated Nutrition’s products direct from the brand, as opposed to waiting for them to hit retailers. The top rated company has now launched a new website where you can do exactly that, and the prices are pretty competitive.

The online store lists everything Dedicated has to offer from women’s clothing to its massive line of men’s apparel. The supplements are of course all on there as well and currently come with free accessories including jugs, steel shakers, gym towels, and earbuds.

Dedicated Nutrition

As mentioned the prices Dedicated has available direct are actually all very competitive, enough to probably make you switch from your usual retailer. Some examples of those great prices include BCAA Sensation at £23, one of our favorite gainers, Gainz at £42, and the brand’s all-new fat burner Relentless priced at £26.

The website you want to visit to check it all out is On there you will find everything you need including a detailed list of the countries the brand ships to, a rough idea on cost, and how long shipping will take.

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