Olympus Labs previews Massacr3 featuring 300mg of laxogenin


Olympus Labs recently revealed that it has at least three entirely new supplements due to release before the end of the year. To kick this week off the brand has shared a preview of one of those three, introducing Massacr3.

Currently, we can confirm two effects for Olympus Labs’ upcoming Massacr3 with lean muscle building support and enhanced muscle pumps. As far as ingredients go, we only know of one in laxogenin dosed at 300mg. While laxogenin is a powerful ingredient, we suspect there is more to the product’s formula based on the effects its promoting.

As mentioned, Massacr3 is due to launch before the end of the year and is just one of three new supplements Olympus Labs has on the way. Definitely stay tuned for more information on those releases as details on them all are expected to be coming in bit by bit, over the next few weeks.