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Fit Crunch Protein’s Mixology Technology gives fans 15 extra flavors

Fit Crunch Protein Powder

When Robert Irvine introduced his long-awaited Fit Crunch Protein Powder in September, it was said to feature something called Mixology Technology. What that meant was that the supplement’s various flavors could be seamlessly mixed together, resulting in many more different flavor options.

To further encourage the mixing of Fit Crunch Protein flavors, the brand behind the product has since released a table of all the possible creations. We’ve added that table below which takes the supplement’s six regular options and shows you how to make 15 others.

Fit Crunch Protein Powder

The Fit Crunch Protein Mixology Technology definitely results in some interesting sounding recipes, which the brand has, of course, named itself. There is the Chocolate and Vanilla combination called S’Mores Deluxe, and the Chocolate and Strawberry creation named Chocolate Covered Strawberries.