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Furious Essentials Series featuring three everyday use supplements

Furious Formulations

Furious Pete’s supplement company Furious Formulations has followed through and launched its all-new Essentials line of products previewed earlier this week. The line consists of three different, everyday use, basic style supplements with Essential Yeti, Essential Multi, and Essential Test.

Furious Essentials prices

With the launch of the Furious Essentials collection has come all the details we were previously missing for the products including their formulas and price points. Surprisingly the Essentials vary quite a bit in price with Essential Multi being the cheapest at $20, then Yeti at $30, and Test at $40, all packing 30 servings per bottle.

Essential Multi

Essential Multi

As for the formulas behind the three Furious Essentials, like most basic style supplements, they all rely on commonly used ingredients. In the case of Essential Multi (label above) you get a comprehensive spectrum of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, and D.

Essential Yeti

Essential Yeti and Test

Next is Essential Yeti (above) designed to support stronger and healthier skin, hair, and nails with features like Super Biotin, horsetail extract, and calcium. Lastly, you have Essential Test (below), a testosterone boosting product for muscle building, fat loss, and strength support which relies on a transparent mix of fenugreek, boron, long jack, and muira puama.

Essential Test

Stack and save

The best place to get any or all of Furious Pete’s new Furious Essentials is through his brand’s official website. You can find the three basic style supplements in stock at for the prices mentioned earlier as well as in stacks where you can save a little over 15%.