Furious Pete unveils Essential Yeti, Multi and Test

Essential Yeti

Furious Pete’s line of supplements from the brand Furious Formulations, is about to get a whole lot bigger very soon. Since he introduced his line, Furious Pete has been adding to it relatively slowly with his original fat burner Furious Cuts followed by the pre-workout Goku Gains, then just a few months ago we got Aminos, Baby!

Unveiled today by Furious Formulations are three entirely new products it has coming down the pipeline, that will double the size of the brand’s lineup. The products are the one a day vitamin and mineral formula Essential Multi, the testosterone booster Essential Test, and Essential Yeti for healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Based on the names, it sounds like the upcoming Furious Formulations’ releases are all essential, basic type supplements. Usually, that means they’ll have relatively simple formulas, although seeing as we only have pictures to go off at the moment, we can’t confirm anything just yet.

The exciting news for all Furious Pete and Furious Formulations fans is that the three new products are due to release very soon. According to the brand, Essential Multi, Test, and Yeti are all dropping later this week, presumably through the official Furious Formulations’ website.

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