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Gumball candy flavor hinted at in Nano BCAA teaser

Candy Nano BCAA

Back in August we introduced the new supplement company uniquely named ä, and its one product, Nano BCAA. This week that brand has dropped a teaser, hinting that it has a new, candy inspired flavor coming very soon for its one and only supplement.

The teaser image features scattered, rainbow-colored gumballs along with the words “Nano BCAA” and “coming soon”. To us, that translates to ä having a new gumball candy-like flavor on the way for its naturally flavored, 70 serving amino formula, Nano BCAA.

As creative as a gumball amino flavor sounds, it’s not all that surprising from ä based on all the other tastes it has available. The brand’s Nano BCAA already comes in a wide variety of options including unique flavors such as Super Pear, Cucumber Lime Water, and Lychee Lime Crush.

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