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Get a free tee with Magnum’s new pre-workout Pre4

Magnum Pre4

Magnum has confirmed that its new pre-workout supplement Pre4, which goes by the name of Pre-Fo in the US, is now out and available across Canada. The brand has said the product has “hit the shelves of most Popeye’s Supplements” throughout the country.

The reason we’re bringing the pre-workout back up again today isn’t that it’s now widely available, but because of a promotion Magnum is running. The brand has apparently given Popeye’s retailers custom, Pre4 pre-workout themed shirts which will be thrown in free with purchases of full tubs of Pre4.

There is one catch to the Magnum promotion, and that is that you’ll need to move relatively quickly. The brand has said it’s only given each Popeye’s location a total of 24 tees for the first 24 tubs of Pre4 purchased. Basically, if you want one of the shirts you’ll need to move fast as it sounds like once those 24 are gone, stores won’t be getting any more.