Primeval Labs unveils its entire, stim free Mega Pre formula

Nov 2nd, 2017
Mega Pre

Last weekend we got a relatively good look at Primeval Labs’ upcoming pre-workout supplement, confidently titled Mega Pre. We were able to confirm all of the ingredients it uses for enhancing muscle pumps, as well as the many other effects it has to offer.

Following on from that preview, we’ve got the full facts panel for Primeval Labs’ Mega Pre for you today, revealing the other half of the pre-workout’s formula. Last week we got confirmation on all of the ingredients Mega Pre relies on for pump, and now we have its ingredients for focus, strength, and performance.

Mega Pre

For those that missed our previous Mega Pre post, the few ingredients already named are citrulline at a heavy 6g, 254mg of VasoDrive-AP, 300mg of norvaline, and GlycerPump glycerol at 2g. The pre-workout’s other four features are 3g of betaine, 2g of d-ribose, a gram of choline bitartrate, and 100mcg of toothed clubmoss.

Another update we have to share for Primeval Labs’ Mega Pre is that the supplement is now available for pre-order. A full 20 serving tub or 40 serving if you use one scoop, costs you $49.95, with two flavors to choose from in Smash Berry and Pineapple Mango. Pre-orders of Mega Pre are due to ship in a little less than two weeks from now on November 14th.