Mind to muscle supplement coming next month from Nutrabolics


Nutrabolics has started teasing its next big supplement release which at the moment is much like Semtex was in the beginning; very much a mystery. The brand has kept us guessing by releasing only an undetailed image of the product as well as a few words about it.

Currently, we know that the next Nutrabolics supplement is coming packaged in a box and is said to involve some sort of mind to muscle connection effect. The mystery product does also have a shield pictured on its front, hinting at a defense, general health type supplement, possibly along the lines of a multi-vitamin.

While we don’t have a whole lot information for the new Nutrabolics product just yet, it’s not actually too far from release. According to the brand, the mind to muscle formula will be dropping sometime next month which could be anywhere from one to five weeks away.

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