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Myprotein wants fans to get PREpare for its next new supplement

Myprotein pre-workout

The massive supplement company Myprotein has released a rather exciting announcement for all of its loyal UK and European followers and fans. The brand has simply told everyone to “Prepare For Battle”, which is, of course, a teaser for an all-new product it has coming soon.

Myprotein hasn’t said anything more on the topic of its mystery supplement; however, we do feel the three words shared confirm what is on the way. The brand has subtly highlighted the letters “Pre” in its teaser line “Prepare For Battle”, suggesting that it’s a new pre-workout that’s on the way.

The even more exciting news for fans of Myprotein is that whatever it is the brand has coming soon; it won’t be long before it’s actually here. Myprotein is saying that its seemingly new pre-workout product will be revealed or released later this week.

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