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Mystery high protein and fiber bar teased by 4+ Nutrition

4 Plus protein bar

Our favorite, creative Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition has dropped a teaser of a new product this week, which is definitely quite different for the brand. Usually it doesn’t tease anything, instead it goes straight through and completely reveals and releases whatever it has lined up.

Being the good brand that it is, 4+ Nutrition has fortunately released a few details about its mystery, upcoming supplement. So far we know that the product comes in bar form, is high in protein and fiber, lactose and gluten free, vegan, and is launching sometime soon.

Based on the information we have, it sounds like 4+ Nutrition has an all-new, vegan protein bar up its sleeve. If that sounds of interest to you, definitely stay tuned as we don’t imagine the brand will spend much time waiting to completely reveal this one.

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