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Optimum Pro Pre featuring a heavy 6g of pure citrulline

Optimum Pro Pre

Before the end of the year Optimum Nutrition will be launching an all-new pre-workout supplement. The upcoming release is called Optimum Pro Pre and is a part of the Optimum Pro Series of Pro Complex, Pro Gainer, and Pro BCAA.

Based on the few details we have so far, it looks like Optimum Pro Pre is going to be an all-around type pre-workout experience. It promotes all of the effects you could want for a good workout including increased energy, focus, pump, and endurance.

For now, we can only confirm a handful of ingredients for Optimum Pro Pre, although the few we can confirm do sound like its main features. The new supplement will pack a heavy 6g of the pump powering citrulline, a typical 3.2g dose of the performance enhancer beta-alanine, and 300mg of the classic stimulant, caffeine.

As mentioned, Optimum Pro Pre is due to release before the year is out, in fact, it is expected to be available later this month. Whenever it eventually arrives, fans of the brand will be able to pick it up in 20 serving tubs, with no confirmation of its full menu just yet.