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Primeval Labs adds a good dose of agmatine to its GDA Primalog


After getting a preview of the supplement just over a week ago, we’ve now got a complete look at Primalog, the new glucose disposal agent from Primeval Labs. All of its details have been made available as the product itself is also out and now available for purchase.

Primalog loaded with benefits

As mentioned, Primalog is Primeval Labs’ entry into the complex and increasingly competitive glucose disposal agent category. These kinds of supplements are typically designed to enhance insulin sensitivity and help your body use carbohydrates more efficiently.

The result of glucose disposal agents’ enhancement is a variety of benefits, a lot of which Primalog promises. The effects Primeval Labs is promoting for its product include improved muscle pumps and performance, weight loss and lean mass support, enhanced energy production and endurance, and reduced fat storage.


Full Primalog formula

As for the all-important list of ingredients (label above) in Primalog, as expected Primeval Labs has packed this one out with a massive seven capsule serving. Squeezed into that serving are a number of transparent, well-dosed ingredients such as half a gram of banaba, 300mg of berberine, and 750mg of the pump enhancer AgmaMax agmatine.

Priced at $2 per serving

You can now grab Primeval Labs’ new Primalog directly from its official online store for the same price it was previously available for pre-order. That price is $59.99 for a full 210 capsule bottle, which is enough for the usual 30 servings.