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REPP Sports reveals its Hyper Sleep formula for rest and recovery

REPP Sports Hyper Sleep

REPP Sports has followed up its recent unveiling of its all-new nighttime supplement Hyper Sleep with a complete look at its formula. Like a few of the brand’s other products, Hyper Sleep features full transparency, with all of its ingredients listed with their exact doses.

As previously confirmed, REPP Sports upcoming Hyper Sleep promises all the usual effects you get with nighttime supplements. That includes improved deepness of sleep as well as help getting you to sleep, and better recovery while you rest.

REPP Sports Hyper Sleep

Much like how REPP Sports Hyper Sleep promises the usual nighttime benefits, it also features a formula filled with commonly used nighttime ingredients. Each serving of the product comes with ZMA, half a gram of theanine, 5mg of melatonin, a gram each of GABA and glycine, 750mg of phenibut, and 100mg of mucuna pruriens.

While we do have the full formula behind Hyper Sleep to share with you today, we are unfortunately a little short on when the supplement will be available. REPP Sports is still saying it’s due to release sometime soon in the one 25 serving tub and in at least one flavor with the unique recipe Cinnamon Swirl.