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Muscle Sports’ packed out Rhino Black Pumped has arrived

Rhino Pumped Black

While it may be a little later than a month after the end of August, Muscle Sports’ packed out stimulant free pre-workout has finally arrived. Rhino Black Pumped is now in stock and available for purchase directly from the brand’s official online store.

Even though the name of the supplement suggests it is all about enhancing muscle pumps, there is a little more to the pre-workout than that. As well as promising improved pumps, Rhino Black Pumped also includes ingredients for better mental focus and performance, making it quite the complete pre-workout.

As for how much a full tub will cost you, on Muscle Sport’s website it is priced at $64.99 for 20 loaded servings. If you’re interested in saving a little money, you might want to wait for a promotion as the brand does tend to offer big discount during sales events, especially with Black Friday right around the corner.